Miracle Collagen

I have had knee trouble for some years but was determined to not let it affect my life. I have continued to do many adventures and one of the last walks I did was a tough one where for 10 days I was on anti-inflammatory meds, pain meds and wore quite hectic knee guards. Shortly after returning from this walk I hear of Miracle Collagen and thought I would give it a go. Unfortunately there was a challenge with the shipping of the product and when the supplier contacted me to sort it out I asked how long it would take to work and when she said I would feel a difference in 3 days my immediate thought was that I had been conned again.

I can honestly tell you that within 3 days I did feel a difference and continue to take the Miracle Collagen regularly. I have just returned from quite a hectic 2 month trip to nine different countries on 2 different continents and at times walked a lot and at other times sat a lot. With the crazy schedule I was not taking my collagen regularly and I could feel the difference quite soon.  I got back on to it and once again have felt amazing relief. 

I can tell you that since I have started taking collagen it has been improved with the added L-Glutamine which has definitely helped my gut health and I am thrilled to say that the flavour has been dramatically improved and a friend of mine actually said it was like taking a milkshake now.

The Orange is an official distributor of Miracle Collagen and its allied products and you can purchase them all online at The Orange Shop.

For your information here is a summary of what collagen can do for you – for me the physical appearance is a cherry on the op – the health benefits are absolutely wonderful.

Collagen Deficiency:

Collagen is a protein found in the skin that gives the skin the appearance of fullness and smoothness. In addition, it sustains internal organs, muscles, tendons, cartilage, and is present in teeth. Collagen makes up 25% of the whole amount of proteins in the body. As you age, collagen production decreases, causing the appearance of wrinkles, scarring and sagging skin.


There are about 20 different types of collagen in your body. Each group of collagen has vital roles in many of the body’s functions, such as formation and maintaining of internal organs. Collagen is essential for healthy, smooth skin. The layer of skin responsible for wrinkles is called the dermis. The dermis is made up of blood vessels, sebaceous glands and hair follicles. Collagen is necessary for the support and elasticity of this layer of skin.


Collagen production naturally decreases as you age. In addition, collagen degeneration affecting the skin may be caused by environmental factors such as sun exposure. Connective tissue diseases, such as rheumatic fever, rheumatoid arthritis and lupus, can also lead to collagen degeneration.


The group of collagen that’s related to the skin shows symptoms of wrinkles, sagging skin and skin that are easily prone to scarring. When there is a deficiency of collagen in the muscles, you experience muscle pain and soreness. In addition, a collagen deficiency in the cartilage leads to joint pain.


Collagen deficiency affecting the organs can be treated with our Miracle Collagen™ Combo. In addition, collagen supplements may prevent collagen deficiencies from developing. Vitamin C is essential in the production of collagen, and MSM for the relief of pain due to conditions arising from Collagen Deficiencies.

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