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Career Guidance

Sadly with the new generations many young people today do not understand what it is that they are suited to do despite having a desire to do certain things.


Passport to Employment

Want to stand out from the crowd when it comes to job applications? Then take matters into your own hands with this service aimed exclusively at individual job seekers to…

Personal Development Analysis

Many companies focus strongly on product training, team building events but ignore the self development of individuals. In our experience many of the soft skills or personal issues in employees’…

Banting & Nutrition

At The Orange we believe in the Banting way of life and coach people to understand the benefits of this. Jenny is a recognized Banting Buddies coach as well as…

Physical Wellness

Exercise is an essential element of our lives yet for most people it is similar to a grudge purchase.  Whether you want to run your first half marathon, build lean…

Financial Wellness

Do you have control of your finances? A budget? A will? A retirement plan? Most individuals this idea and steer clear of it.
Many companies do not understand the…

Giving Back

Life today is tough and we are so often wrapped up in our challenges we forget that there are often people or animals in a worse situation than we are.…

Emotional Wellness

Life coaching is a very exciting and practical way to help people live the lives they want. At the Orange we utilize NLP skills to provide a customized life…

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From our clients

Jenny, Being one of the best…surely your clients will have their breakthroughs!

You are truly gifted!

All the best dear!

Testimonial 1

The Banting diet is not a diet but a lifestyle. Being a food junkie myself I did not realize this until my health got really bad in August 2018 and I was told by doctors to change my lifestyle, cut out carbohydrates and sugars. I thought this would be a hard transition but in fact it was the best thing I could have done for myself. Within a month of consulting with Jenny Reid of The Orange she led me through a Banting process and helped me to change my way of life. For me the Banting was never about the weight loss but to improve my health. I have now been Banting for 3 months and my health is much improved, my body and mind feel amazing and I have lost 14KG’s so far. I would definitely recommend this life change to anyone.

Monique Beetge

Testimonial 2

Jenny, you are a fantastic coach! You got me to believe in myself even more and to get past my own boundaries of my mind, to let go of all the doubts or limitations I had unconsciously placed upon myself. I am now doing what I love and living the life of my dreams…how does one ever thank you for that!

Burgette Yarlett

Testimonial 3

Working with Jenny was an amazing experience. She is amazing at helping you delve into the core of your patterns and guiding you in unpacking them. I thoroughly enjoyed our time together and would highly recommend her to anybody that is keen on ‘breaking through the crap!’

Granville Campbell

Testimonial 4

Jenny is so gentle yet firm in her approach. Her insight into world of work coupled with extensive life experiences renders her one of the best practiobers in NLP. Her stable personality and welcoming nature makes it easy to open up and drink from her overflowing fountain of wisdom. She is highly recommended as a life coach; NLP Master Practitioner; Business coach and advisor. My breakthrough with her as a coach is one of the memorable treasures that have contributed to my growth as a master NLP Practitioner myself.

Thokozani Sibisi

Testimonial 5

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