Personal Development Analysis

Many companies focus strongly on product training, team building events but ignore the self development of individuals. In our experience many of the soft skills or personal issues in employees’ situations are holding them back from growing.

The Personal Development Analysis tools that we engage with, allows companies and / or indiviuals to put together online self development programmes together with life coaching. The cost for this assessment is R1500.00 excl vat.

Available in the suite of tools for this segment of your life are:

• Online Personal Development Analysis with one hour of feedback to the individual
• Development of a personal online 6 week coaching programme to develop highlighted areas of weakness
• Goal Setting Plan
• Team Fit Profile
• Job Fit Profile
• Team Building Events to encourage employees to work together more closely understanding the motivating factors of each individual team member

Personal Development Analysis (PDA) Sample Report

Please Contact us for payment options for the PDA Assessment.