Retirement Coaching

The Orange Retirement Coaching program is far from a sterile counseling session requiring you to dig out your finances and understand that the money you have saved is not going to last as long as scientists predict you will live for.

At The Orange we believe that retirement is a new segment of your life and can happen at any age. It means you are branching out into an exciting new segment of your life, by choice or not, and we want to help you embrace all that is good in your life and help you to bring it together to create a meaningful time for you.

We are not financial consultants, we are life coaches and are here to guide you on what can bring you a fulfilled and comfortable life.

Being ready for retirement requires more than just good financial planning. Today the traditional form of retirement needs to be considered very differently as many people are being forced to retire younger and live longer than some generations before.

Jenny is an associate of 50Plus Skills and is able to help people entering a new season of their life when they are either being forced to retire and are unable to cope financially or those that are fortunate enough to be able to retire but want to continue to work, follow a dream or give back to the community.

The coaching course would encourage you to review your dreams, desires and needs and create a life you want to live for this exciting new area of your life.

This programme is encouraged for people in their 40s, 50s and 60s.

Contact us for more information on retirement coaching.