Integrity Training

In conjunction with Integrity Forum, iFacts now offers a customised integrity training programme. This programme is designed to encourage true integrity.

Why conduct the Integrity Enhancement Course:

  • An organization’s success depends on the integrity of its employees. We have all witnessed the severe problems which result when anyone acts without integrity.
  • When an organization’s reputation is damaged, the almost irreversible costs are extreme and the rise in corruption levels force the greater need for transparency and integrity practices.
  • Unfortunately, integrity is the most misunderstood word and even if people think they understand it, they do not know what it means to practice it in their everyday life; at work, at home and in everything they do. To complicate this, everyone has their own scale of integrity and doing the right thing can differ from person to person.

Companies will enable employees to have a far greater understanding of integrity and this will include:

  • How to define personal integrity
  • How to take a closer look at one’s level of integrity
  • How to practice & apply integrity at work and in everyday life
  • Understand consequences when integrity is not practiced
  • What are the costs of acting without integrity
  • Understand what an “integrity Lapse” is
  • The cost of reputation damage when there is a lack of integrity in a company

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