Financial Advice – Over 55


You have worked hard and played hard. You are ready to hit your stride in the home stretch before making the transition into retirement. You have spent years building your career and laying a foundation you hope will be strong enough to support your retirement hopes and dreams. Focussing on your career and family took up most of your time and you are acutely aware of the diminishing number of salary cheques to be received before you have to rely on the building blocks in your portfolio to provide a stable income.

Considering the above, it is time for a reset. When clocks were initially invented the sundial was the accurate standard when you needed to reset your timepiece. In the same way, our Financial Planners have become the “accurate standard” and we can assist you to position yourself for a meaningful life after retirement.

This will include financial -, retirement -, estate – and tax planning as well as risk management. Our process will ultimately provide you with peace of mind, enabling you to have a meaningful life during retirement.

At retirement you are confronted by a seemingly insurmountable mountain of decisions to be made, products to select, legislation forcing you to do this and prohibiting you from doing that as well as family and friends inundating you with “expert” advice. Our skilled financial planners will enable you to make the right financial decisions for your retirement. While you remain the decision maker, your financial planner will equip you to make the best possible decisions by providing you with all the necessary information.

We will assist you to have the best retirement you can, based on the wealth you have accumulated over the years. We will guide you to find the right balance between taking a prudent income from your portfolio and realising your retirement dreams.

As you transition to the next phase in your life, estate planning moves more to the foreground. Your financial advisor will assist you to understand the practical implications of your will and ensure that all the technicalities are taken care of while you do life!

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