Financial Advice – Between 35 & 55


You have settled into your career, you might have a family with a fair amount of obligations and responsibilities. You have been building your financial future with all the knowledge at your disposal. In some way you have been following your gut feel. Your building materials might include properties, shares, retirement products and long-term insurance products. But are you comfortable with what this all will mean for you when you retire? Are these materials even sufficient to help you address your goals and objectives?

The sundial provided society with an awareness of time. You invest time into all the things important to you. You are expecting some sort of return on investment on the time invested.

The question is do you really have the time to invest sufficiently in your financial future?

The stark reality is that your time is running out before you need an income supplement to enable you to live life on your own terms. We want to help you maximise the time you still have left. The implementation of a holistic and on-point financial plan to create the appropriate awareness of what is required to enable you to reach your dreams.

You seek a trusted financial partner to align your dreams to an accurate financial strategy.

Your financial strategy will be shaped and maintained by a qualified financial planner. You will have access to the best financial advice through establishing a trusted partnership with your financial planner. This will cover financial, retirement, estate, tax planning and risk management. This will ultimately provide you with peace of mind and will enable you to have a meaningful life.

Our skilled financial planners will enable you to make better financial decisions. You remain the decision maker, but your financial planner will provide you with all the necessary information in the form of scenario options. These scenarios will help you to make informed decisions. Our clients find a huge amount of comfort in having a financial planner to answer their questions and to provide them with all the possible outcomes to any scenario.

We will guide you to find the right balance between repaying your liabilities and saving towards your long-term goals. We believe in a balanced portfolio with sound exposure to our suggested range of asset classes.

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