Being a Team Player Course

Teams are created for several reasons. They may need to deliver a one-time project, or work together on an ongoing basis. Either way, if you take advantage of a group’s collective energy and creativity, the team can accomplish much more in less time. What does this mean for you? Well, teams are probably an integral part of how things are done in your organization. If you show that you have the ability to work well with others, this could have a major impact on your career.

Being a valuable team member can open new career opportunities, because leaders may see first hand what a great job you’re doing. You may even be invited to bring your strengths into play in another team setting – and in higher profile, business-critical projects. This is why learning to be a good team player is so important. If you make a good impression, you never know what possibilities might open for you.

Cost for the course is R350.00

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