The Orange Life

The Orange is posed to encourage people from the age of 15 to live a life that is healthy and encourages personal satisfaction.

It is not uncommon to see both white flowers and orange fruits decorating an orange tree throughout its life. The life cycle of an orange fruit takes many months. At The Orange, we equate your life to an orange.

Blooming Periods – CAREER GUIDANCE
As children, we are born full of energy and life. We are channeled into various segments of the orchard by the life we taught to lead. As young people begin to bloom, it is important for them to understand where they will be going in life and what this means for them.

In a similar comparison to oranges, only a small portion of the population will produce fruit. The tree will drop many of its flowers or young oranges in order to support the ones it does keep. Are you going to be the one that produces fruit?

Life’s Culling & Development – PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT
The orange tree makes use of a natural self-defense mechanism, namely dropping small and sickly fruits in order to save energy. This drop also reduces the overall weight on each limb so the branches are less likely to snap.

In order for us to ensure that we reach the full potential of our life, we need to ensure that we nurture ourselves. This can be done by:

After your oranges have grown to their full size, you can leave them on the tree to ripen and become sweeter. While these fruits are growing on the tree of life, they are sweet and are developing to perfection.

Before an orange is too ripe it will often drop off the tree. It needs to be lovingly cared for before it ripens completely.

If the orange is cared for and fed well it will continue to be nutritious and healthy. In life, we need to care for ourselves and understand that as we age we need to make plans for our retirement. Some of us will exit the workforce sooner than we anticipated. We may think that as we hit the ground it is the end for us, but there is often more than enough time for us to continue to mature healthily and happily.

In life, we need to plan for our retirement and to ensure that the seeds we leave behind, no matter how big or small, are a valuable and happy heirloom for our loved ones.