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An organisation’s success depends on the integrity of its employees. We have all witnessed the severe problems that result when an employee acts without integrity.

When an organisation’s reputation is damaged, it’s almost irrevocable. With the on-going rise in corruption, comes the greater need for transparency and integrity practices.

Unfortunately, integrity is the most misunderstood word imaginable and, even if people think they understand it, they do not know what it means to practise it in their everyday lives – at work, at home and in everything they do. To complicate this matter, everyone has their own scale of integrity and doing the right thing can differ from person to person, as well as from culture to culture.

One can often find oneself in an ethical situation where “doing the right thing “is key and crucial for continued high-level work.

When Integrity is lost, it can take years, if ever to rebuild trust. There is never a more relevant time to rebuild our nation’s integrity and raise the integrity metre.

We are privileged to have Prof Thuli Madonsela as our patron for integrity training, having worked closely with her on a public platform that endorses Charissa’s integrity work.

Topics include

  • What is integrity? Why is it important? Difference between ethics and integrity
  • Integrity for business, communication, relationships, everyday life
  • Building Integrity into your teams
  • Raising the integrity meter
  • How to build integrity conscious skills
  • Communicating with Integrity
  • Personal Integrity
  • Branding for Integrity
  • Dealing with Integrity Lapses and disciplinary issues. How to learn from mistakes.
  • Rebuilding trust and integrity after a lapse
  • Tools to practice integrity,
  • What happens when organizations lack integrity?
  • How to define a culture of integrity.
  • Choosing integrity ambassadors, role models to build into the organizations culture
  • Integrity competencies and how to apply it.
  • Emotional Intelligence and Integrity. Competencies to thrive
  • Self-reflection and choosing to make the decision to be unethical or act with integrity
  • Leading with Integrity
  • Integrity and difficult customers/clients. How to debrief oneself after stressful customers/clients.
  • Coping with stressful toxic work place colleagues and managers, dealing with integrity
  • Integrity during a pandemic. Workforce issues, anxieties and loss, impacting on integrity
  • Lessons on Integrity, what have we learnt so far?
  • Having a growth mind set to deal with making new choices about integrity.

Goals: Delegates will have a better view of the following

  • True knowledge of what integrity is and how to practice it
  • How to implement integrity in everyday life
  • Practice integrity and make ethical decisions
  • Understanding consequences when integrity is not practiced
  • What the cost to organizations are, when staff and management don’t act with integrity
  • What happens when leaders and managers are not role models of integrity? How this filters downward.
  • The cost to reputation when employees don’t trust their manager’s word
  • Every manager will have to make ethical decisions at some point, how to make the right choice
  • Each delegate will have a toolkit to deal with difficult challenges and manage themselves
  • Opportunity to sign up on our integrity pledge and be part of SA first Integrity Forum
  • Purchase your integrity designer T-shirt to wear on casual Fridays

‘Integrity cost nothing, but when you lose it, you lose everything’. C Bloomberg

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