The decade before we retire formally can be an interesting time filled with many changes and questions that we need to think through.

Who do you turn to for advice?

Do you even know the questions you should be considering in this season?

Why not give yourself the gift of designing your next season with a coach?

To ensure best value and learning from others like you, we have designed a group coaching process online. The group meet monthly for 6 months. After each module there is time to work through a personal workbook. This course can also be done inhouse for a company or a group of friends.

There are 6 modules:

  1. Who am I?
  2. Purpose and Happiness
  3. The Next Chapter
  4. Second Careers
  5. Marketing, technology, and social media.
  6. Building a creative legacy.

After the 6 months, you will have taken a deep dive into many of the questions you should be grappling with. You will also have time to think about your future and designing earning opportunities for yourself as well as building legacy for your family.

Give yourself the gift of time to think about your future.

We are living on average 10 years longer than our parents’ generation and 20 years longer than our grandparents. These years are a GIFT season, and it takes time, imagination, experimentation, and conversations to build your UNIQUE life plan.

Join us for our first open group starting on 24th May. Please communicate with us if you want details.

You can pay monthly or in full at a discount.

Contact for booking details.