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We have heard some incredible stories of clients who have contracted COVID-19 and continued to use our vitamin C products with great results. In addition to being used as a maintenance product, this product can also be used as a colon flush and consumption can be maintained on a daily basis. Contact us for further information about this product.

Contact Monique Beetge for information on our range of products or 0748993703.

Our range of products has grown and now includes:

Miracle Collagen with L-Glutamine Combo Pack

Miracle Collagen Skin with L-Glutamine Combo Pack

Collagen Active+ with L-Glutamine Combo Pack

Miracle Collagen with L-Glutamine & Colostrum Combo Pack

Alkalized Vitamin C + Free Alkaline Powder

MSM Capsules


Collagen Pet Care Plus

Ancient Mineral Clay

Vitamin D3

Adapt to Stress

Aloe Ease

Optimum Digest


CLA 1000

*Products can be purchased in combo packs or single units.