Oh death where is thy sting?

For many people death is a terrifying subject and one that they would far rather avoid discussing. This may be for various reasons including spiritual, fear of the unknown or it could be a subject that has been taboo in the family and has never been spoken of.

At The Orange we believe that being pro-active with any aspect of your life creates a lot less stress and enables you to prepare for most things that life may throw at you and sadly for all of us death will be thrown at us at some time in the future.

The Orange has an online Heirloom service that anyone can make use to help them prepare to leave their estates in order. It can be done with as much confidentiality as you desire and nobody needs to have access to your information until after you have passed away or you can discuss matters with your family and relevant advisors while you are still able to.

The Heirloom file is a secure online file that has fields that are completed and allows you to upload all the relevant information that is required to wind your estate up easily and efficiently. You will be quite horrified at the information that is required when winding up an estate and only once you have spoken to someone dealing with these matters do you comprehend the challenges that are often faced by executors or family members when no executor has been appointed.

Your information is stored securely with a security feature that enables you to share the password with 2 individuals who will only receive the information once they and your death certificate have been verified by our sister company iFacts (www.ifacts.co.za) who are specialists in the verification industry.

Contact us on monique@theorangesa.com for more information or start to create your own heirloom file

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