What does change mean for you?

Most people today want to change for the better or want a better life but often do not know where to start or what to change.

The very first thing we need to look at is what we really love doing and what adds value to our lives. 

Once we have established what this is we need to understand if it is sustainable and how we can work to adding more of this to our lives or what we need to change to make more of this happen.

Do not be afraid to step out of the box and look back inside and see what it is that has become routine in your life and adds no value.  You have to keep on doing what you have done because you have always done it.

Change can bring about some amazing things in our lives but we may just need someone to help us remove the negative thoughts that have been put there and we have allowed them to stay because we did not realise that they needed changing.

Here is a short simple plan to help you put some changes together that can help you be a better you.

1.Write down a list of ALL the things you like about yourself and your life.  (Yes, ALL is highlighted because there are many things – allow your mind to let you write them down)

2. Identify what it is you want in life.  Not what others want you to be.  Write down what YOU want in YOUR life

3. Make a list of the reasons why you want the change.

4. Make a list of how you can make the change.

5. Put a plan together of how you will implement the change.  A very good way of doing this would be to put SMART goals in place.

6. Visualise yourself living the life with the change made.

7. Review the plan to change regularly and do not allow yourself to change the end goal.

8. Expect disruptions to your plan but work on them and see the positive in them.

9. Live the change you want in your life.

Please let me know how your changes have gone and how difficult or easy it has been.

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