Oh Death Where is Thy Sting?

Sadly the sting in death is for those left behind.  Missing loved ones and tying up the loose ends is not a job anyone can wish for and what we can do to make this easier for our loved ones is leave our affairs in order.

At The Orange we have designed an online heirloom file in which you can leave all the necessary documents to ensure your estate is handled as easily and efficiently as possible.  When putting this file together it was amazing to see the documents to assist with the smooth operation of affairs.  The file guides you as to what is necessary for the executor and family and then the file is secured and you can give the password to two trusted people.  When they need to access the file their identity is verified as well as the death certificate.

This service is available at a cost of R500 per year after the initial R500 activation fee.

Clicke here to view more on The Orange Heirloom.

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