New Beginnings

For those of you who have been following me for some time you will have noticed that I have launched a new online health and wellness platform – The Orange –

I want to share my story of why I started this company and for you to share in some of my enthusiasm.

At 40 I realized I personally did not believe that I had achieved much or been recognized for what the last 40 years had been to me. I decided to change that and set a goal to climb Kilimanjaro. With my friend Des we achieved this and I then realized if I put my mind to something I could do it.

At 46 I decided I no longer wanted to be a partner in a business I wanted to work for myself and put everything I earned back into my family. Gerrit, my lifetime financial consultant from Ultima helped me do this and ensures I stay on track to have a financially healthy retirement.

The new business I wanted to start was The Orange because coming from a fraud and Investigations Company I had seen what health was and what ill health created. Ill health could come from being unwell in the areas of:

•      Finance

•      Nutrition

•      Self confidence

•      Physical Wellness

•      And other areas of life.

At this point I was fortunate that the small business I owned, iFacts, was growing rapidly with the help of amazing staff and it was paying the bills. Naturally this was where my focus went but in 2016 I realized something was missing and nobody could feed that to me I had to feed myself.

I embarked on a legacy development course with Lynda of 50-Plus Skills and thought it may have been a little crazy when I did my first vision board in many years. This still hangs proudly above my desk and was the starting point of major things to shift in my life.

The issues I knew I had to deal with were:

•      Stimulation and personal growth to create a new revenue stream

•      Moving into the area of natural healing – I had done aromatherapy and reflexology long before I was married

•      Giving back to the world as much as I possibly could

•      Loving the crazy but fulfilling life I lived

Over the next 12 months I went on to:

•      Become a Master NLP Coach

•      Become a Banting Coach

•      Become a Retirement Coach

•      Develop The Orange online platform

I then realized the idea I had in 2009 could be revisited and thanks to our wonderful IT programmer we updated The Orange site and it has become totally integrated and I have partnered with some amazing people. Together I believe we can make this business a huge success, help people to develop themselves in various ways that mean something to them and give back to this beautiful world we live in.

During the next few weeks I am going to share ideas of the various segments of the Orange with you in my blogs. 

Please let me know what area you would be most interested in hearing about.

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