Let’s Live Life Differently – Be Positive

Reading the BizNews recently Alex said “There is nothing more powerful than the truth. And despite how much those with vested interests try to keep it hidden, it will always find a way to get out. Believe it.”

Sadly we have all been exposed to the uncovering of some awful truths recently but how does that affect us personally? We are pleased that the truth is out in the open but does it change anything for us in our day to day life and are we going to see anything significant change in the short term.  My opinion is “NO!”

This can be saddening but I think we are force fed a huge amount of negativity these days and we need to stand up and see the positive in our lives. 

As I have been doing some NLP Coaching with clients at the start of the year I have seen how people become bogged down with the everyday challenges they face and sadly they wake up every morning believing life is going to be tough and that is what the day is like.  They believe it so they receive it.

Let us start a plan to wake up every morning grateful for the blessings we have in our life (we all have some) and start to see the day in a more positive light.

Here are some ideas of how to live life more peacefully and with more positive intentions

  • Before getting out of bed consciously be grateful for the night’s rest and with each step to the bathroom say Thank You!
  • Live at Cause and not Effect.  This may sound like technical jargon but I do find that so many people live in victim mode and I use the example of the person who wakes up late and has a crazy morning getting to work on time.  Unfortunately en route to the office a taxi cuts him off and there is a bumper bashing.  He then spends the rest of the day (and a few extra days) blaming the taxi for making him late for work.  That is living on the effect side of life.

Someone living at cause would say that if I had got up on time and left home on time I would not have been in the place where the taxi bumped me.  That is living at cause.

  • At the dinner table encourage conversation about the good things that happened during the day.  Encourage each person at the table to share something encouraging.

I would really appreciate feedback from some of my readers who implement some or all of these ideas into their daily living and let me know if it has changed your life. hi

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